The Big Faith School Myth exploded (again)

If you think about it, there is no logical reason why Faith Schools should perform any better than community schools do. Are people of faith more educated or gifted and therefore perform better as teachers? Do religious morals increase academic performance? Let's guess.


Fancy Donating to Church Repairs?

Well, it doesn’t matter if you fancy it or not, you are donating. And by doing so, you are effectively funding the CofE’s proselytisation. And, there are some situations where the church can come knocking on your door with a legal demand for thousands of pounds.

A Secular Society, anyone?

As in the previous piece, a new analysis places non-belief (i.e. “no religious affiliation”) in younger people in the UK at 70% ... will Anglicans wake up and realise (as Christian minorities have in other countries) that their best protection is in a secular society?

Faith Schools – Will Education Secretary Damian Hinds feed the Chimera?

The Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, a Catholic himself, is considering lifting the cap which mandates that faith schools can only reserve 50% of their intake for their own faith. So, it appears as though the government is preparing to ditch a restriction only introduced in 2010 at the same time as ignoring illegal faith schools …

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Christian Printer refuses to serve Trans woman

I’m getting that “Here we go again” feeling. Again, the evangelical Christian Institute appears to be involved in supporting this case, after losing a similar legal case back in 2016. As reported by Humanists UK, Nigel Williams, a Christian printer, refused an order for business cards for a diversity consultant because it would “...promote a …

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