Diary of Dogma blog – Welcome

Why write it? Because I‘d noticed a steady stream of news stories about religion in the UK (and sometimes, where appropriate, elsewhere) and, with a little reading, found that the stories were almost always not what they seemed from the headlines. You know the type of thing, the “Nurse fired for being a Christian” story turns out to be a nurse fired for trying to manoeuvre her vulnerable patients into attending some evangelical prayer meeting, despite being warned a number of times that her behaviour was unacceptable. The original story is pushed into the newspapers (who love these headlines) by lawyers representing the poor victimised Christian and when it gets to court the case is, almost always, thrown out as nonsense. Does this get into the papers? Of course not – they’ve moved on to the next victim story. Before long we’ve got senior churchmen demanding ‘sympathetic judges’ to hear their cases – yes, honestly!

So, I thought it about time we started to bring these stories into one place so we can all see what is going on and place them in a Humanist context. I’ve been toying with the idea for a few years and thought the blog was the ideal vehicle to use for it, so in early 2017 Diary of Dogma was born.

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