Easter nonsense from the Church of England

This is a purely manufactured story straight from the CofE, which maintains an active publicity department. As reported by the NSS here.
The claim was that the word Easter had been dropped by Cadbury’s (a chocolate company) and the National Trust from their Easter Egg Hunt and the claim was, of course, completely bogus – as the photo in the NSS article shows.
Add to that the fact that the PM, Theresa May, was completely taken in by the story and waded in to express her displeasure with the NT.
In any case, why is the CofE worried about the word Easter? It is thought that the name originates with a Germanic goddess of fertility Eostre, and the modern Easter is firmly based in a tradition of a spring celebration, and hence the symbols we are all familiar with – chickens, eggs rabbits and lambs, which have nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity. Of course, Christians have their own resurrection celebrations at the same time and we are all happy for them to celebrate whatever they wish, but these are meaningless to the rest of us. It is clear that the CofE wants us to think that it is these that are central to the real Easter but, in an increasingly non-religious society the real spring-time celebration will just keep on shining through, and that is the real reason the CofE is having to manufacture these stories.