Christian Parents sue school in Transgender row

Sometime I  wince with disbelief at the utter stupidity, and it’s no surprise that Christian Concern, and its sister organisation the Christian Legal Centre are involved with yet another Christian Victim narrative.
In this case, a child (who’s identity is secret for obvious reasons) in a Church of England school had gender issues, previously born a boy but is now being allowed to wear a dress. We can only have sympathy with the child and the family for dealing with such a difficult situation: as reported by the BBC and the Independent
However, the children of a Christian family in the same school seemed to have difficulty with a friend being a boy one day and wearing a dress the next day, which is understandable. In the circumstances, the parents would normally step in and explain the issue to their children. Instead the parents decided to withdraw their child from the school (they’d already withdrawn an older child) and then take legal action against the school.
One can only imagine the additional angst that is being piled on to the child with the gender issue, and her family.
Again the coverage gets predictable. You’d think that newspapers would point out the unreasonable attitude of the Christian parents, but no. Not only does the Daily Mail tell the story entirely from their point of view: The Daily Mail but they then repeat the story pointing out how they become the target for hate mail: Also the Daily Mail

No real sympathy there for the child and family dealing with the gender problem.
Predictably, Christian Concern, and its sister organisation the Christian Legal Centre are involved again. Both have the same CEO, Andrea Minichiello Williams. According to Wikipedia “Williams is reported as stating that the Human Fertilisation Bill was ‘the work of the devil’, that homosexuality is sinful, that abortion should be illegal, and that the world is just 4,000 years old”.
Ironically, the Christain parent seem to claim that their stance isn’t motivated by their religion.
It isn’t often that I’d applaud the behaviour of a faith school, but in this case the school seems to have behaved exceptionally well – citing equalities legislation, which just goes to show just how important it is to make sure that Faith schools aren’t released from such obligations, as they are currently, particularly in relation to admissions and employment.