Christian Printer refuses to serve Trans woman

I’m getting that “Here we go again” feeling. Again, the evangelical Christian Institute appears to be involved in supporting this case, after losing a similar legal case back in 2016.

As reported by Humanists UK, Nigel Williams, a Christian printer, refused an order for business cards for a diversity consultant because it would “…promote a cause that marginalises Christians.”

I for one, can’t think how it could possibly marginalise Christians – it seems to me to be a simple case of discrimination. We seem to have here yet another case of an organisation promoting a Christian Victim culture, when the reality is quite the opposite.

The Daily Mail reported:

a spokesperson from the Christian Institute, supporting Mr Williams said: ‘For years we’ve warned of growing hostility towards people with mainstream Christian views. ‘The terms “equality”, “diversity” and “tolerance” have been twisted out of all recognition in an attempt to marginalise, shame and punish Christian people.

Just who is being shamed or punished here? It can only possibly be the Trans woman denied a service by a business who have no right to start passing judgement on her – yes, they actually wrote to her to explain. Certainly, I can see no way any Christian can possibly have been shamed or punished and it seems much more likely that the publicity caused by Mr Williams’ own actions will do that very effectively.

So, it looks as though Mr Williams may have shot himself in the foot and I wonder if the Christian Institute will now help him shoot himself in the other.