A Secular Society, anyone?

As in the previous piece, a new analysis places non-belief (i.e. “no religious affiliation”) in younger people in the UK at 70% (almost the same as the Social Attitudes Survey, which gave the figure as 71%). Of the remaining 30%, 10% are Catholics but only 7% Anglican, and 6% are Muslim.
So, the Anglican’s are in so much trouble that they’re about to be overtaken by the Muslims in this age group – which is guaranteed to feed though to the overall numbers. Bearing in mind that Anglicans are privileged by the state in the UK (well, even more privileged than religions are in general) it is odd that no-one from the other religions has woken up to the fact that they’re missing out and it is equally odd that Anglicans haven’t woken up to the fact that this situation can’t be allowed to continue.
The problem therefore is: how will the state fix this obvious problem? By extending privilege to the other religions – making places for them in the House of Lords, providing state funding, opening official state occasions to them etc? As that is so very unlikely (can you imagine what the Daily Mail headlines would be?), will Anglicans wake up and realise (as Christian minorities have in other countries) that their best protection is in a secular society?