Fancy Donating to Church Repairs?

Well, it doesn’t matter if you fancy it or not, you are donating. And by doing so, you are effectively funding the CofE’s proselytisation. And, there are some situations where the church can come knocking on your door with a legal demand for thousands of pounds.
This story from the NSS reveals just how much we – the taxpayers – are digging deep into our pockets to fund the maintenance of church buildings, whilst the CofE is sitting on huge wealth and is spending much more on evangelising.
The recent Taylor Review called for increased funding from central government and local authorities has apparently resulted in £1.8 million being allocated for church repairs. Ironic then, that eight of the 12 panel members who made the recommendations were actively involved in the church and all but 2 represented grant receiving bodies.
If that isn’t a big enough issue then consider the gross injustice of an ancient law, dating back to Henry VIII, that makes some local people legally responsible for church repairs. Called the Chancel Repair Liability, or chancel tax, this places a legal responsibility on local landowners, including local house owners, to stump up for church repairs. The CofE could stand up for common decency here and make it clear that it will not do this in future and the law should be changed to stop it. The NSS campaign is here.