About the author

Your author, Dr. Dogma (a contraction of Diary of Dogma), is an atheist, a humanist and a secularist living in a quiet mid-England town. In case you’ve been misled about what these terms mean, let me explain what they mean to me:

Atheist – someone with no belief that there is a God

Humanist – an Atheist who thinks we can get along fine by making our own moral decisions using rational thought. We don’t need religious moral codes, and I don’t even think that they help – we have an evolved mechanism to determine whether things are right or wrong between our ears, using the evidence we can find and the simple concept of benefit and harm.

Secularist – someone who thinks that people of all beliefs, and none, should be treated equally with no prejudice and no privileges. This means that people should be free to believe whatever they like and worship however they please, provided they don’t disadvantage others by doing so. The converse is that I, as a non-believer, also have the right to be free of those religions and their beliefs. Note that you don’t need to be an atheist or a humanist to be a secularist – plenty of believers around the world would be much safer living in a secular society.

Secularisation – the process that is underway in UK society (and most of the western world), where people are walking away from religion, and very little to do with secularism.